Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 months old!

The babies turned 3 months old two days ago and are 39 weeks 5 days corrected today! I am so proud to say that since my update last week that there are some major developments! First, Cadence and Aria went on room air on Monday and are doing beautifully. That means I get to see their beautiful little faces better (perfect timing for their professional 3 month photo shoot- thanks, Maria!) Cadence got her ng feeding tube removed two days ago because she is taking all of her feeds (at least 80% of what's offered to her). Aria still has her ng tube in. She's just smaller and a little more fragile so she gets tired easily and is sometimes unable to finish her bottles (she regressed a little bit from last week). The big news of the week is about Jude though... He is now eating and taking his bottle like a champ! Last Sunday the doctors put him on a home oxygen setting (so basically wall oxygen .3L at 100% because you can't bottle or breast feed on the high flow nasal canulla and they really wanted him to start feeding). Well, he seemed to have tolerated the change okay but when we tried the bottle with him that night, his respiratory rate was high off the charts so they stopped feeding him. Well, on Thursday I was really down and feeling like we were going to leave Jude behind at the nicu so I personally asked the doctor  if I can try him again on the bottle and he said yes but I needed to work with an occupational therapist because he reacted last time very immaturely for his gestation and he was possibly aspirating. Well, I worked with the OT and not only did he do beautifully but he ate better than both of his sisters! He has literally taken every single bottle since and even wants more and drinks like a very mature baby. He also had his feeding tube removed two days ago. Go Jude!! So, looks like they are preparing him to go home on oxygen. He still has reflux, but I really think the pepsid and me changing my diet to eliminate the dairy has helped. I am happy to say that my babies have been 100% breast fed so far. I know that their will be a time where I won't produce enough for all three but at least I was able to provide for them til they were term (they will be 40 weeks in two days). I also have a pretty impressive looking freezer stash though in reality is only enough to feed them like three days, lol. Jude still has a heart murmur which means his heart PDA is still not closed so he will need follow up appointments with a cardiologist. Studies show that it almost always closes two months post term. The PDA is probably why he still has an oxygen requirement. The doctors are predicting that Cadence will be home in about a week and Aria and Jude will be home shortly after. We are scrambling to get things ready and one of the things that was a top necessity was a vehicle that can transport our family of 6 safely. We are not proud owners of a 2015 Honda Odyssey as of yesterday! It had 8 seats and is very flexible with seating and car seats and such. It is the perfect mini van for four car seats. I cannot believe that we are almost done with the NICU but honestly, we are going to miss that place. We've had a pretty great experience and love all of our nurses and doctors. Tim and I have learned so much about the medical field that we would have otherwise never have known. We've bonded with those who have taught us and cheered us on and some other families that have and have had babies in the NICU (many of my friends whom I've met have already been discharged). Unfortunately, one family yesterday was not as lucky as we were.Their 24 weeker lived about 24 hours and passed away in the room next to us. The room the baby was in was cleared out and the mom held the baby as the baby transitioned to Heaven. It was really sad. It just put it into perspective on how my babies are real miracles. It's a miracle that all three survived and did so well. I think The Lord called that baby home so the baby didn't have to suffer through this life. Heaven is a perfect place and The Lord wanted that baby to skip this imperfect life and be with Him. My babies were chosen to live here on Earth and they were given to Tim and me to raise. I promise the raise them the best that I can and the way that The Lord wants His children to be raised. Thank you, JESUS for this opportunity. Just a few years ago I was infertile and thought I might never have children. Thank you, JESUS for my four miracles (Noah, too!) I get teary-eyed about how far Cadence, Aria, and Jude have come and the miracles that God has performed for all three of them. We are almost home!! My new prayer: they come home on the same day!

Psalm 113:9
He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.

Aria, professional photo. 

Cadence, professional photo.

Jude, professional photo.

Little Miss Aria.

Funny little Cadee.

Jude still loves the kangarooing!

Jude taking his first successful bottle!

Girls dog piling on mommy.

They love being together!




Sister love.

Jude's perfect foot (he's got daddy's toes!)

Dog pile on grandma!

Noah and Maria.

Our new ride.

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