Sunday, July 19, 2015

11 and a half months!

Cadence, Aria, and Jude are 11 and a half months old! I usually update right on their month birthday (which is easy because it's the last day of the month), but life is getting so busy with three busy babies and a very busy toddler! I can't believe how big my darlings are getting and how full of life they are!  Here's how they are doing:

Cadence- nicknames- Cadee, Rosie, Rose. She weighs 15lbs and loves to eat solid foods. She loves pizza and toast. She gets mad if you don't share your ice cream with her :)  she has cut back pretty significantly with her bottles but she is getting food nutrition so it should be okay. She started full on crawling on July 4th and is getting into all kinds of trouble! She started completely pulling herself up today!

Aria- nicknames- Ari, Ari Bear, Little, Little Tutz- She weighs 13lbs5oz. She is sitting up really well now and started army crawling on July 12th. It is so stinkin cute! She loves rolling around and has so much fun getting caught in things. We laugh because she gets herself into all kinds of predicaments. We are trying to baby proof every inch of our house. She loves her feet and toes and has a very strong grip with them! Watch out for your hair!

Jude- nicknames- JuJo, Joey, Jude Bug- Jude weighs 16lbs5oz. He is sitting up unassisted now and absolutely loves this position because it helps him with his gas issues. He still hates being on his tummy, though, and can't really roll yet (he only has on his own a handful of times). He still sees his occupational therapist and he just started seeing a feeding therapist because he is not progressing with solid food like the girls are. He loves his purees, though! He still sees a chiropractor and is much better! He is such a smiley little guy and is a little flirt with the ladies. He also loves big brother! We are still watching him for cerebral palsey because he is developmentally behind his adjusted age. Praying that we find answers soon and the Lord guides us on how to help him!

Noah- nicknames- Nono, King Tutz- Noah is such an intelligent little boy! He loves learning and had a great time doing vacation bible school with his friend last week. He memorized the bible verse (which I am including in this month's verse for the blog) and he learned and memorized 8 songs. The kids did a performance at the end and he was the most in his class that was the most into it! He has such a lovely singing voice!!! He is happy that the babies are getting bigger and crawling around because he gets to play with them more!

Mom and Dad- we actually took a weekend to ourselves in Las Vegas! Thanks to grandparents and uncles for helping us out! We really needed a break and time for each other!

It amazes me that one year ago yesterday, Tim rushed me to the hospital because Jude's water had broken at just 24 weeks. I am so thankful that my doctor team at UMC was able to stop the labor and take care of Cadence, Aria, and Jude until they came 13 days later. That 13 days could have been a matter of life or death. Thank you to all my family and friends who rallied for us and prayed and encouraged us as we "waited" for God's perfect timing in their arrival.

John 14:6
I am the way, the truth, and the life.

Tim celebrated his first Father Day as a father of 4 (Noah refused to be in the picture). But,  this is the first photo of dad in a while holding all 3 triplets (and probably his last, lol!)

Heidi loves the babies!

Cute little Ari taking a sink bath.

Noah and his cousin, Aleksander.

Grandpa and Aria.

Jude enjoying his car outside.



Always wanted to do this!

Target was having a diaper sale so we stocked up! This is our first time buying diapers, thanks to the amazing diaper drive Jeree set up and to all the people who donated!

Jude at his chiropractor appointment.

I met a friend for breakfast with the triplets (first time by myself! Don't mind the disinfecting wipes).

I got to meet a fellow triplet mom who helped me so much during my pregnancy!

Tim was taking a selfie so he cut himself out but we've been going out to restaurants more and putting the babies in high chairs!

Cadee. I love her long tootsies!

Ari. I love her little tootsies!

Jujo. I love his dino tootsies (Noah calls then Donald Tootsies)!

Jude, 11 months.

Noah with dad.

Cadence, 11 months.


Noah, 3 years, 4 months.

Ari,  11 months.






The crew.

My loves.

Triplets, 11 months.