Sunday, May 31, 2015

10 Months Old!

Cadence, Aria, and Jude turned 10 months old today! Double digits! In just a few weeks, I will be planning their first birthday party! I am so excited! Cadence is 14lbs6oz, Aria 12lbs14oz, and Jude 15lbs4oz. May was a big month. The babies got baptized and we had a bunch of family in town for that. And, they had their first appointment at the developmental clinic at UMC where they were evaluated by their former NICU PT, Jenny. She kept saying how great they looked for 26 week triplets! Cadence is sitting very well now and Aria and Jude are tripod sitting so almost sitting on their own. Jenny says that Jude does not have torticollis but tight neck muscles most likely because he was squished in my womb. It is actually easier to correct than torticollis so that's good! I also started taking Jude to a chiropractor to help with his neck and tummy issues. So far, so good! He is now on a probiotic and fish oil to help his gut flora. Anyway, we had a great month and I'm so in love with my four beautiful babies! Here is our month in pictures :)

Our Baptism verse and the triplet's official life verse.

Cadence, Baptismal Picture.

Aria, Baptismal Picture.

Jude, Baptismal Picture.
Baptismal shoes.

Baptismal outfits.

Jude's Baptismal outfit.

Cadence and Aria's Baptismal outfit.

Aria receiving oil.

Jude receiving Holy water.

Cadence receiving Holy water.

I sang "I Could Not Ask For More" and Tim accompanied.

Aria and Cadence with God parents, Aunt Jill and Uncle Rob.

Jude with God parents, Uncle Paul and Maria.

Our family of six.

Maternal Family.

Paternal Family.

Cupcakes at reception.

Baby Dedication at our church.

Triplet meeting after baby dedication.





Yes, I label everything.


Aria, 10 months.

Aria, 10 months.

Jude, 10  months.

Jude, 10  months.

Cadee, 10 months.

Cadee, 10 months.


I had the best Mother's Day ever:)

Noah and cousin, Aleks.

"Official" 10 month picture.