Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Months Old/New Year's Eve!

Today is New Years Eve and my adorable triplet's 5 month/2month adjusted birthday! What a year this was for my family! The year started off with us preparing for our Ivf cycle. I had been on a very strict low glycemic index diet for about 6 months prior to the cycle in preparation for a pregnancy. We were figuring out the financials for another Ivf cycle (they are about 10k so we had to save up our money for it), and figuring out if we even needed it (I had high hopes of becoming pregnant naturally in 2013). When my meds arrived from Istanbul in January without me even paying for them yet, I decided that it was a sign that we needed to proceed with the Ivf. The cycle went as well as it went with Noah's cycle- 7 eggs retrieved. Tim and I were debating on how many embryos to transfer this time. Tim and I agreed on no more than two, but on valentine's day 2014, when we went to our transfer appointment, our fertility doctor convinced us to do 3 again, given that 3 resulted in a single pregnancy (Noah), and we were unsuccessful with 3 one other time. I told the doctor about my diet that my naturalpath doctor put me on and he brushed it off and still gave us a 1% chance for triplets. We agreed on two, but at the very last second, we changed our minds and decided on 3. I just knew all 3 were going to take. I was so scared when we discovered all 3 took (on March 18th), mainly because the doctor told me I was "too little" to carry 3 and he "wouldn't let me carry 3." We, of course, are very against abortion and could not make a decision to terminate one of the babies so we put it in God's hands and just prayed every single night that I would carry them far enough for survival. The pregnancy was awful, with lots of bleeding, pain, and morning sickness, but I started to believe that it was all in God's plan when I went to my 18 week appointment and we found out the sexes (we've had the names Aria and Cadence picked out for years for girl names and Jude for a boy's name. We had no other names picked out and the chances of the ratio being two girls and a boy was only 25%). The pain and contractions each day were getting worse and worse and I kept praying that The Lord lets me cross over the line of survivability. When my water broke at 24+3, I knew I wasn't in active labor and I calmly told Tim to bring me to the hospital so I they can stop the labor. It's like I knew how it was going to play out. Of course I wanted to hold on to them for 28+ weeks but for some reason, 26 kept jumping out at me. The night I has them, I was so at peace with their arrival because The Lord told me I had crossed the line of death and survival. The nicu journey was scary at time, but I was very much at peace that God was in control and he promised me that they would be fine. What a testimony we all have now! I am very scared of the babies getting sick, of course, given that they have no immune system, but I know that they are going to be okay. I look forward to finally showing off my babies to the world when cold and flu season is over in spring 2015. I know that because they are triplets, they will naturally attract lots of attention. I am not looking forward to that attention, but I look forward to showing them off to our friends and family who have loved, supported, and prayed for them. People have been so good to the us between giving gifts, donating their baby items, making meals, and sending us words of encouragement. I plan on paying it forward to families in need in 2015 and always! What a year 2014 has been! I know our years to come are going to be filled with love and laughter (and will be extremely, extremely busy!)

5 month update- Cadence is now 10lbs4oz, Aria is now 8lbs11oz, and Jude is 10lbs6oz! They are starting to sleep longer at night and typically do a 5 hour stretch, then a 4 hour stretch. They still drink breastmilk but we recently have been supplementing with a little bit of formula because my frozen stash I was able to build up when they were teeny tiny, dwindled. We fortify their milk to make the calories 24 per oz so it's like they have 7 milk shakes a day instead of 7 glasses of milk. In other words, their volume is less than an average 2 month old baby, but they are taking the same amount of calories. Aria started really smiling two weeks ago, Cadence one week ago, and I swear Jude did a deliberate smile at me today :) Aria holds up her head the best and I call her my little championship burper :) Jude is weaning off his oxygen and hopefully he will be off completely by the time he has his next pulmonology app in Feb :)

Big brother Noah is the best big brother! He is so protective of "his brothers" (hehehe, he's a little mixed up!) When Popop comes in, he says, "don't touch the babies!" Lol. He had a wonderful Christmas and received lots of big toys, including a huge swing set that was donated to us, and a big wheel. He asked Santa for a Peppa Pig play set and got it :) Tim got me a necklace that he had custom-made with four fresh water pearls; 3 in a white gold pea pod and a single one slightly bigger above it with two leaves. It represents our whole family. It's the nicest piece is jewelry I will ever own, besides my wedding ring. We enjoyed this Christmas season watching Christmas cartoons and movies and making cookies. We missed church this year, so that is one thing I missed tremendous. And, the annual Handel's Messiah sing in, of course :)

The triplets had their first "official" photoshoot and the pictures came out beautifully. Thank you so much, Maria!

Here is to a wonderful 2015!

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

My 4 hearts.

Cadence, Jude, Aria.

Such a great spur of the moment idea, Maria! A sign of a great photographer is thinking of Pinterest worthy shots on the spot :)

Another excellent spur of the moment shot.


Soooo sweet.

Cutie pies.

Jude bug.

Cadee cakes.

Aria-The little lamb.

All 6 of us on Christmas Eve!

5 months old! Cadence, Aria, and Jude.



My beautiful necklace Tim bought me that represents myself and Tim, Noah, and Cadence, Aria, and Jude. Thx, Steffanie for making it happen and for the pearls and chain!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Miss Aria is home!

I'm so sorry for the lack of update but all it means is I officially have no time to update because...

Miss Aria Marie is home! She came home on Wednesday, December 3rd and spent 125 days in the nicu. The nicu gave us an amazing send off with doctors, nurses, and therapists. We brought Jude and Cadence with us. We got pictures of our three Neonatologists holding each one. Dr. Maciulla, my ob., also came down to say goodbye. We were excited to be done with the nicu, but sad, too, because we've made some very nice relationships. 

Ari is doing GREAT at home! She is a very chill baby and only cries when she is hungry pretty much. Her appetite has been increasing since she's been home too and she has really taken to nursing. As of today, she is 7lbs140z! She has also been smiling- not just "I just farted" smile but deliberate, real smiles! She also holds her head and neck up the best out of all three and the pediatrician thinks she looks the most "mature." She is my little cutie with the sweetest round blue/gray eyes and light skin and hair!

Jude and Cadence are doing very well. They are a few Oz shy of 10lbs. I can't believe it! Jude has an appointment with the pulmonologist this week to see if he still needs oxygen. I've been doing room air trials with him with his pulse Ox on and he mostly sats in the 90s. I don't think it will be too much longer! Go Jude! Jude also has the handsomest blue eyes. I think they are blue enough to where they may stay blue. Cadence is doing well and is the best eater. She sometimes even does 4oz bottles! Go Cadee! She is my dark beauty with brown eyes and dark brown hair and olive tones skin. She looks the most different than her siblings but my mom says she looks a lot like me when I was a baby.

Noah is doing great with all 3 home. He is very helpful and lightens the mood so we aren't just in baby moad all day long. We are enjoying watching Christmas movies and shows on tv and enjoying other Christmas things like baking cookies and Tim and I were able to take him on a date to zoo lights and I took him to see Santa at the nicu with Cadence. We wish we can bring him to church, of course, but for now it is better to keep him quarantined from other kids so he doesn't get ill and get the babies ill. It is my worst fear.

We've been practicing feeding two at once and even all three at once. We are introducing a little bit of formula mixed with breastmilk because my frozen stash us dwindling pretty fast. I am proud to say that my babies were exclusively breastfed for nearly 5 months. I still pump 3x a day and produce 40 ounces per day and plan on pumping until I have nothing left. Jude and Aria breastfeeding really well too so I think my supply should be okay for another few months. While bottle feeding, we figured out that Jude and Cadence are up to 18-20 ounces per day and Aria is up to 16-18. I like bottle feeding so I can see what they are taking but breastfeeding is also nice too :)

Thank you, everyone, for the prayers. We could not have done it without all the love and encouragement. We know that The Lord performed a miracle. We heard how unusually well our babies did in the nicu compared to other 26 weekers. Unfortunately, Aria was next to a baby her last week who did not make it and the baby was a 27 weeker. We pray for that grieving family. It makes us hold our babies tighter and thank God everyday for them. We just need to keep them healthy this winter so we do not put their lives in danger. We are praying for health for our entire family right now. The babies have tons of doctor's appointments and I have already shown up to two wrong appointments. Go me!

Thank you, to everyone who signed up and brought us a meal and for all the many gifts. Thank you to everyone who has been helping, too! Especially my mom and Maria, who have been so dedicated in helping us! 

Here are some updated pictures of our last day in the nicu and us at home. I love Christmas time and so glad my entire family is "home" to celebrate the birth if Christ.

Isaiah 9:6
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Tim, Dr. Livingston with Cadence, Dr. Bayder with Jude, Dr. K with Aria and me.

Me and Cadee, Tim and Jude, and Dr. Maciulla with Ari.

The send- off and triplet stroller (thank you, Jocelyn. Thinking if Kingsley, River, and Sawyer everyday <3)

First picture of the trio "home."

In their Christmas Jammies!

Big brother in his Jammies!

Christmas card photoshoot! (Ok, it is really hard to get triplets and a toddler all looking good!)

All mommy wants is a silent night. The babies, seriously, hardly ever cry and the nicu taught them to self soothe. I just loved these onsies and couldn't resist :)

The nicu invited us to come back and see Santa. It is a tradition we will do every year. I wasn't brave enough to bring all 4 of my kids so I eeny, meany, miney, moed it :) Noah had precidence, of course, and Cadence won :)

Daddy and u took Noah on a date to zoo lights!

Our mantle with 6 stockings!!!!!!!

Our new Christmas tree ornaments:) thx, cousin Susie for the penguin one!

2014 was a crazy, crazy, crazy year. But it was the BEST year of my life!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cadence Rose is Home!

  • Cadence Rose is home! Cadence got discharged on November 17th at 1:00pm so just a week after her brother. She went home oxygen free so she needed just a few more days to practice eating without the oxygen crutch. She had her first pediatrician appointment yesterday (48 hours after discharge) and she got a good bill of health and weighed in at 7lbs8ozs! She has the cutest rolls on her thighs! She had an eye exam today and her Retina problem with her eyes clearer up, thank God! She also has a small to moderate PDA so a heart murmur. She will need to follow up with a cardiologist until it closes. She is such a cute little baby. I call her my Cadee Cakes and Coo Bear because she makes the cutest little baby sounds. She loves to be snuggled with and cries when we put her down. She seems to have her days and nights confused so we need to work on getting her on a schedule. My mom has been amazing and holds her or Jude at night and I hold the other.

    Jude is doing well, too. He gained a lot of weight in one week and is up to 7lbs14ozs! He did have a pretty big reflux episode the other night and his sats went down to 77. I immediately turned on the lights, picked him up, and suctioned milk out of his mouth. It was pretty scary. I asked the pediatrician if normal full term baby with reflux would do the same and she said yes so that made me feel better. Still, I wish his sats didn't go that low. I switched him back to a preemie nipple instead of Level 1 because I think he needs more pacing. Other than that, my little Jude Bug is great and is such a happy, handsome little boy.

    My sweet little Aria is still in the nicu, however, in the past 24 hours has made huge improvements on her eating. I hope and pray her lightbulb turned on with the eating because at this point, that is what is keeping her in the nicu. She is pretty picky on her milk and does not like frozen milk. Tim or I have been going there every day to see her and to give her fresh milk. We want that little chickie home!! She is the only one who has no heart murmur so her PDA has closed up, so that's good! Her eyes are perfect, too. The nurses say that Aria is pretty sassy! I can't wait to get used to little Miss Attitude at home! She weighs 6lbs6ozs. It is so strange going to the nicu now and just having one baby. She keeps getting moved to different rooms whereas when cadence and Jude were there, we were in the same room for 95 days and then the same room until cadence got discharged. I knew this time would come and it is a good thing because it means we are almost done!

    We are getting used to having two at home. My amazing mother has moved in with us and the extra set of hands have been a HUGE blessing! I am not going to lie, we are extremely beat and it has only been 3 nights so far. Hoping we perfect our new routine soon!  We were cracking up on Tuesday morning because when we woke up from our last round of naps (lol, that's what we call sleep), Tim came out and we were passed out with empty baby bottles and dirty diapers all around us. It was like a baby party and they trashed the place but we were the ones who were hung over. Lol! Noah has been a good big brother so far and is not acting jealous (yet). He is so helpful with the babies. He brings me diapers and turns their mamaroos on and off. I was able to have some alone time with him the other day because a doula from a free non profit organization came out to give me a break. It was really nice. We have so many people coming out to our house, from nurses to therapists, and now we are interviewing babysitters/mother's helpers. Our house is always full now :)

    The Lord is so amazing and we are so thankful to Him for our three little blessings. I can't imagine my life without Cadence, Aria and Jude now. Dr. Gelety, the fertility doctor, called the other day to see how my pregnancy turned out because I was right around due date. It brought so much joy to my heart to tell him that I was snuggling with my triplets as we speak :) he was really happy and I thanked him for helping me get pregnant with my four blessings (Noah included!) I am just so thankful for my big, happy family!

    This bible verse is how I feel about my family and all the people who are helping me take care of my family:

    Proverbs 31:15-17

    She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.  She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.  She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.

    Cadence in the car seat!

    Tim holding Jude, me holding Aria, and Dr. Bayder holding Cadence.

    Jude and me with the PT and OT.

    Triple decker stroller at pediatrician app. Can't wait til Aria joins us.

    Little Jude.

    Jude and cadence playing.

    Brother love.

    Cute little Ari.

    Cadence and mommy.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jude is home!

I can't believe, it but after 102 days in the NICU, Jude is the first to finally come home! It is absolutely astonishing that my baby C is the first one home because just a couple of weeks ago, I was so worried about him and we were so concerned about why he couldn't get off the high flow nasal canulla because babies cannot begin eating until they are on a regular flow. I'm so glad one of the Neonatologists experimented with putting him on a home oxygen setting just to see what he will do because he did great and was finally able to start chowing down. So far, my boy loves to eat! He was discharged on 11/10/14 at 7:30pm at 40 weeks and 6 days gestation. He was sent home on .3L oxygen at 100%. It is a very low flow but he really only needs it now while eating. Tim and I roomed in at the hospital on Friday night and got a taste of what it will be like to feed all 3 in the middle of the night. Then, on Saturday night, my mom and I roomed in with just Jude. He was so funny because he barely slept and neither did we. He loves to be held and wanted to be held all night. On Sunday, we figured out the home oxygen stuff and went on a shopping spree at Buy Buy Baby to prepare for our little man and little ladies who will be right behind him. It was pretty amazing to walk out of the NICU with a baby after leaving empty handed for over 3 months (everyday I left the NICU, I always felt like I was forgetting something). I felt happy and scared and, of course, sad because I left Cadence and Aria behind. God is so amazing though because He knows the perfect timing for all three of our munchkins. God gave me peace with it and gave us an AMAZING Holy Spirit encounter on our way home from the hospital! Tim turned on some music on the way home in our new van and it connected to my iPhone's Bluetooth somehow. I did not even touch my phone and somehow it ended up on shuffle. The song "These Are The Moments" by Sara Evans was on. I didn't even know that song was on my iPhone, let alone barely even know the song. I just listened to words:

These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I've found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

Looking in your eyes
Seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything in me
These are the moments
I know heaven must exist
These are the moments
I know all I need is this
I've found all I've waited for, yeah
And I could not ask for more

I could not ask for more than this time together
I could not ask for more than this time with you
And every prayer has been answered
Every dream I've had's come true
Yeah, right here in this moment
Is right where I'm meant to be
Here with you here with me

I just wept and asked Tim what station was on because I was sitting in the far back row and couldn't see and he said the screen says the song was playing from my iPhone. I look at my phone and click on music and it said "shuffle." Wow. What were the chances of that very song randomly playing. I didn't even listen to music on my iPhone that day so I have no idea how that happened! I have no doubt that it was The Lord. It didn't stop there though. Next on shuffle was Tim's favorite song- Amazing Grace. I was praising God for this amazing Holy Spirit visit and then comes on a song called "Come Holy Ghost." Wow. Then, came on 311's "Love Song" and the main lyric of the song goes "Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am home again." This was when we were going down the hill approaching our neighborhood. We discussed how we want to make Noah feel special and how we were going to make him open the door of the car to get Jude and then next on the song shuffle was one of my vocal exercises on the syllable "no," which everybody knows that is what I call Noah. Seriously, what are the chances of all of that? That was no coincidence. That was the Holy Spirit welcoming Jude home. Thank you Lord for the encounter! Jude was the baby that was not even on the 6 week ultrasound. Jude was the baby on the 7 week ultrasound that was so small that was probably going to "poop out." Jude was the baby we were counseled to "selectively reduce." Jude was the one whose water broke at just 24 weeks. And now, Jude was the first triplet "home"after being born 3 months and 4 days early. Thank you Lord for baby Jude! Jude did very well at his first pediatrician appointment. He weighed 7lbs3ozs. He still has an open PDA so he will need to be monitored with a cardiologist and pulmonologist for his oxygen needs. But, he is doing very well and he loves being at home with big brother!

Cadence will most likely be home in a few days and Aria just needs more time maturing so she can take all her feedings. Dr. Bayder did put her on oxygen to help her while feeding.  Cadence is 7lbs3oz and Aria just hit 6lbs!

I want to thank everybody for all the prayers and support. God heard your prayers and performed 3 miracles. Thank you, Lord!!! Thank you for being Jude "home."

John 14:23
Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them." 

Prince Jude

Out the door!

My boys chilling on the couch! We didn't even play it but both are wearing polar bear outfits.


Smiley Ari

Dr. Bayder and Cadee:)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 months old!

The babies turned 3 months old two days ago and are 39 weeks 5 days corrected today! I am so proud to say that since my update last week that there are some major developments! First, Cadence and Aria went on room air on Monday and are doing beautifully. That means I get to see their beautiful little faces better (perfect timing for their professional 3 month photo shoot- thanks, Maria!) Cadence got her ng feeding tube removed two days ago because she is taking all of her feeds (at least 80% of what's offered to her). Aria still has her ng tube in. She's just smaller and a little more fragile so she gets tired easily and is sometimes unable to finish her bottles (she regressed a little bit from last week). The big news of the week is about Jude though... He is now eating and taking his bottle like a champ! Last Sunday the doctors put him on a home oxygen setting (so basically wall oxygen .3L at 100% because you can't bottle or breast feed on the high flow nasal canulla and they really wanted him to start feeding). Well, he seemed to have tolerated the change okay but when we tried the bottle with him that night, his respiratory rate was high off the charts so they stopped feeding him. Well, on Thursday I was really down and feeling like we were going to leave Jude behind at the nicu so I personally asked the doctor  if I can try him again on the bottle and he said yes but I needed to work with an occupational therapist because he reacted last time very immaturely for his gestation and he was possibly aspirating. Well, I worked with the OT and not only did he do beautifully but he ate better than both of his sisters! He has literally taken every single bottle since and even wants more and drinks like a very mature baby. He also had his feeding tube removed two days ago. Go Jude!! So, looks like they are preparing him to go home on oxygen. He still has reflux, but I really think the pepsid and me changing my diet to eliminate the dairy has helped. I am happy to say that my babies have been 100% breast fed so far. I know that their will be a time where I won't produce enough for all three but at least I was able to provide for them til they were term (they will be 40 weeks in two days). I also have a pretty impressive looking freezer stash though in reality is only enough to feed them like three days, lol. Jude still has a heart murmur which means his heart PDA is still not closed so he will need follow up appointments with a cardiologist. Studies show that it almost always closes two months post term. The PDA is probably why he still has an oxygen requirement. The doctors are predicting that Cadence will be home in about a week and Aria and Jude will be home shortly after. We are scrambling to get things ready and one of the things that was a top necessity was a vehicle that can transport our family of 6 safely. We are not proud owners of a 2015 Honda Odyssey as of yesterday! It had 8 seats and is very flexible with seating and car seats and such. It is the perfect mini van for four car seats. I cannot believe that we are almost done with the NICU but honestly, we are going to miss that place. We've had a pretty great experience and love all of our nurses and doctors. Tim and I have learned so much about the medical field that we would have otherwise never have known. We've bonded with those who have taught us and cheered us on and some other families that have and have had babies in the NICU (many of my friends whom I've met have already been discharged). Unfortunately, one family yesterday was not as lucky as we were.Their 24 weeker lived about 24 hours and passed away in the room next to us. The room the baby was in was cleared out and the mom held the baby as the baby transitioned to Heaven. It was really sad. It just put it into perspective on how my babies are real miracles. It's a miracle that all three survived and did so well. I think The Lord called that baby home so the baby didn't have to suffer through this life. Heaven is a perfect place and The Lord wanted that baby to skip this imperfect life and be with Him. My babies were chosen to live here on Earth and they were given to Tim and me to raise. I promise the raise them the best that I can and the way that The Lord wants His children to be raised. Thank you, JESUS for this opportunity. Just a few years ago I was infertile and thought I might never have children. Thank you, JESUS for my four miracles (Noah, too!) I get teary-eyed about how far Cadence, Aria, and Jude have come and the miracles that God has performed for all three of them. We are almost home!! My new prayer: they come home on the same day!

Psalm 113:9
He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.

Aria, professional photo. 

Cadence, professional photo.

Jude, professional photo.

Little Miss Aria.

Funny little Cadee.

Jude still loves the kangarooing!

Jude taking his first successful bottle!

Girls dog piling on mommy.

They love being together!




Sister love.

Jude's perfect foot (he's got daddy's toes!)

Dog pile on grandma!

Noah and Maria.

Our new ride.