Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Babies turned 32 weeks adjusted yesterday

The babies turned 32 weeks adjusted yesterday and will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Cadence is on the step down with her oxygen so she is on a 3 Liter high flow nasal canulla. The doctor team tried to move Jude on it but unfortunately he started having spells and was working too hard so they put him back on the NIV CPAP with a very low rate. Aria is on on the NIV CPAP as well and is doing pretty well on it. Jude and Cadence are now 3lbs and Aria is almost 2 and a half lbs. Jude and Cadence are noticeably much larger than Aria. It's amazing the difference that half a pound makes! In other good news, all three are wearing clothes now and they look so adorable le swimming in their preemie clothes. Tim and I feel so blessed an lucky to have three beautiful babies. Thank you for the prayers for the babies! Please pray that Jude and Aria move to the high flow nasal canulla and Cadence is able to wean to a regular nasal canulla. Please pray that they are protected from illnesses (I am so worried about that respiratory infection outbreak that is sweeping the country). Please pray that my babies' holes in their hearts seal up. Please pray that my babies will not suffer long-term health problems due to their prematurity.
 I would have been 32 weeks yesterday which was my "long goal" for the pregnancy. I found myself throwing myself a pity party yesterday and then I reminded myself that God is in control and I did the best I could and I was lucky to make it as far as I did. I felt very optimistic right after they were born and then at about 3 weeks old and the new mom/happy hormones went away and I started learning more about why the dings were going off in the room, I started feeling depressed. It lasted about a week or two and then I was able to give it to God again and I then felt better. At 5 weeks, the trio started doing pretty well. And now at 6, they are doing even better. We give God all the glory for how well they are doing. Thank you, Lord! 

John 14:14

If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.

Cadence loving her binkie.

Petite little Aria.

Mr. Jude or as one nurse calls him, master Jude.

Me and my "men."

Th girls. I hold them together because they are right next to each other and Jude is all by himself on the other side of the room :)

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  1. Praying for those 3 little precious gifts from God. Hugs,
    Janine Allen