Sunday, August 31, 2014

The triplets are one month old!

The babies are one month old today! 31 days! They will be 31 weeks on Tuesday. They have been doing pretty well. All 3 have had ups and downs. Here is a quick update on them:

-Now 2lbs10oz
-Had a Sepsis (blood infection) 2 weeks ago. Thank God it was caught in time because it did not spread to her spinal fluid which would have meant it spread to her brain (poor kid even had a spinal tap done). Had to be reintubated and put on antibiotics to recover.
- Is now on an NIV for oxygen support and puffs of air when she forgets to breathe. Rate is decreasing so she should be graduating to a regular nasal canulla for oxygen in a few weeks.
- Tolerates 23ml of breastmilk every 3 hours.
-Has been pretty alert lately and has big beautiful eyes!

-Now 2lbs2oz
- Was intubated, self extubated, put on NIV then cpap mask to help her breathe. The cpap mask put too much air in her abdominal and it looked very extended which made the docs think she may have NEC, a scary intestinal infection, so she was reintubated and her feeds were stopped. Blood culture after blood culture and X-rays proved that it was not NEC, nor a bacterial or viral infection and she was most likely just tired and needed a little break. An echo showed that her PDA (hole in the heart) is still present and this may also be why she keeps getting tired. She may need surgery to close her PDA. 
- Feedings resumed yesterday and started off slowly. Will build up to her max feed for her weight which is 18ml.
-Poor baby has been through the most so far. She looked pretty tired but is starting to look better!

-Now 2lbs10oz
- Is on an NIV for breathing support. His rate is being weaned and he might graduate to a high flow nasal canulla soon.
-Is on 23ml of breast milk every 3 hours. Has terrible reflux after feelings. Have tried different feeding styles- continuous, a little at a time, all at once. Nothing seems to help. :(
- Has something up with his kidney function because his electrolytes keep getting a little off. He gets extra Sodium. It could just due to prematurity or it could be a long-term problem.
- Has Apnea and Bradys when mommy holds him. The nurses says he gets to comfortable and forgets to breathe. Mama's boy!

Mom, Dad, and Noah:
We are hanging in there. We are excited to see the babies growing but get let down by the set backs like Cadee's Sepsis, Jude's kidney function questions and Aria's NEC scare. The babies are taking turns scaring mommy and daddy. If it's not one then it's another. We are looking forward to putting clothes on the babies soon and looking forward to 33-34 weeks when the babies' systems will continue to mature a little more which will result in less Apnea/Bradys, less breathing and oxygen support, and the ability to suck.

I want to thank everyone for their constant support! The outpouring of support is absolutely amazing. Thank you to those who have opened their homes and time to Noah so that mommy and daddy can spend time with the babies and so that we can be at the hospital learning about the issues they are facing. Thank you to those who ask us how we are all doing. Just knowing that people care makes us feel like we are not going through this alone. Thank you to those who have given us gifts and meals. Thank you for the prayers and warm thoughts. It is not easy to have three babies in the intensive care unit in the hospital on life support. We appreciate what many of you have done for us during this very difficult time.

Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Psalm 62:8




Daddy and Cadee.

Mother and daughters.

Mother and son.

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