Thursday, April 30, 2015

9 months old!

Cadence, Aria, and Jude are 9 months old today! Cadence weighs 13lbs15oz, Aria 12lbs10oz, and Jude 14lbs15oz! They had a very good month for the most part and their little personalities are really starting to come out! They started solid foods and they are liking it so far! Cadence is sitting up all by herself and Aria is right behind. Jude saw a GI doc for his tummy issues and she put him on Neocate, a completely hyperallergetic amino acid-based formula. Unfortunately, we've haven't seen a change. We will give it a little more time, though, and see what the next steps are. I don't want him to follow too far behind his sisters because of his tummy issues though so I hope to get it resolved ASAP. Here is the summary of the month in pictures :)

Job 19-25
"As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will take His stand on the earth."

Noah's fourth Easter. He really enjoyed his Easter egg hunt this year!

Cadence's first Easter.

Aria's first Easter.

Jude's first Easter.
We enjoyed decorating eggs outside!
Bath time!

Feeding some babies! This is how we do it!

Jude Joseph.

My new Twingo carrier!

Baby feet!

Hi Cadee!

Cadee eats solids like a boss!

Aria "hangs" with the eating, too!

Jude likes solids, too!

Cadee swinging. 

The lovely ladies.

Noah having a good time!

Mommy and Aria. This girl is SO flexible. She's going to be a dancer or gymnist.

Cadence sitting up like a big girl.

Aria sitting up assisted. Almost by herself!

Big brother outside!

We took the babies to the zoo for the first time!  This is me with the girls and Noah.

First zoo trip. Daddy is in charge of the boys :)

Noah and Cadence. They look a lot a like!
Cadence, 9 Month Picture.

Aria, 9 Month Picture.

Jude, 9 Month Picture.

My miracle babies' 9 Month Photo!

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