Saturday, October 11, 2014

72 days old!

Just a trip update :)

Cadence, Aria, and Jude turned 10 weeks old on Thursday and are on day 72 of life today. I finally got to hold all 3 of my babies on my birthday (I pulled the birthday card in order to get the respiratory therapists to move Jude and his equipment on the girls' side of the room). It was so awesome. Everyone from the NICU that we have come to know from the Neonatologist and residents to the nurses and therapists came to peak in. The triplets are quite popular in the NICU. They all really care about my 

Everyone is doing pretty well and all three finally have the tops of their isolates popped up! Here is a synopsis on all three:
-Cadence had her tongue clipped on Thursday because it was tied and now she is feeding much better. She has been nursing for a week now once a day and we just for the green light to start bottles and she took two bottles in the past 24 hours so we can really start weaning the gavage feeding. She is still on 1Lflow of oxygen at about 25%.  She still "surfs" a lot with her oxygen saturations so hopefully that will improve very soon. She weighs 5lbs3oz. What a big girl! We found out her eyes did develop stage 1 ROP in zone 2 which I guess should work itself out without surgery (hopefully!) Cadee reminds me so much of Noah when he was a new born. She is definitely the darkest of the three.
- Aria is still on high flow nasal canulla at 21% and should we weaned to a low flow in the next day or so. Low flow is exciting because that means she can begin nursing! She is doing much better with her spells. She is such a feisty little girl! She has no ROP in her eyes which is amazing. Go Aria! She joined the 4lb club tonight. She is still my little and petite peanut. Her Feedings are condensing and are now over a 2 hour time period so they will keep condensing til they are over a half hour time period. Aria is very light compared to her siblings. I have a feeling that she will be a blondie with light eyes :)
-Jude is doing pretty well except he had one very large spell during the night on Wednesday night. I got a call at 4am with the news. They think he aspirated on some milk but what he did was not pretty and he was almost intubated and he almost needed chest compressions until he came out of it on his own (thank God). Since then, his flow of oxygen increased from 1.5L to 3L and he was just weaned to 2.5L today and he is doing okay on it. He is still on room air (21%) so that's good that he is not requiring extra oxygen. Another unusual thing was that his head grew 2cm this week which is more than they'd like to see so the doctors were fearful of a brain bleed but thank God it came out normal and it just means he has a big head :) He has no signs of ROP with his eyes as of now so that is good too! His feeds are now condensed to an hour and a half. He is a big boy at 5lbs2oz. Jude looks a lot like his daddy from his shape eyes to his feet. He is Tim's mini me :)

Tim, Noah, and I are doing pretty well. Tim and I are very busy preparing for them to come home from deep cleaning our house to buying things like car seats and organizing and decorating their room. Three babies equals a massive amount of things. I spend about 6-8 hours at the hospital daily bonding with the babies so when I am at home it is very hard to get anything accomplished preparing for babies because Noah needs love and attention too (which, of course he is getting from grandmas but he needs it from mommy and daddy too! If only Tim and I both had a personal assistant to help us with cleaning, cooking, and organizing). 72 days going back and forth to the hospital is starting to weigh on all of us. I cannot wait until my family is home! Cadence may be about 3 weeks from now if she stays on the path she is on with her eating and oxygen. She still have spells though so I am anxious for those to go away for all three. I want them to come home around the same time so I don't have to leave any behind for a long period of time. Come on babies- you can do it!

I am really loving being a mommy of four! I still cannot believe it. Triplets are just so rare that I can't believe that I am in this club. I went from thinking that I may never have biological children to having four within 2 and a half years. I feel so abundantly blessed. Thank you, Lord! I have so many worries about being a mother of multiples but I know I can do it. I want my children to have a fun upbringing and most importantly, I want them to know The Lord. The Lord says to be fruitful and multiply and to spread the good news. 

We are so thankful for our wonderful support system. Thank you, everyone, for the gifts, food, and visits. I am so behind on thank you cards so I wanted everyone to know that they are coming (some day, lol!)

Psalm 150:6
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. 

Happy birthday to me!

Cadence, Jude, Aria.

Cadence, Jude, Aria.

Mr. Jude getting cuddle time.

Sisters- Cadence and Aria.

Cadence getting a bath.

Aria getting a bath.

Grandma holding Aria for the first time.

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